Every year, we travel the globe to find the finest coffee available. We'll try hundreds of samples from any one country. Then, we select the most spectacular coffees to bring home to you. Our company's size is perfect for sourcing the best of each country's crop. We're able to bring in special coffees that might otherwise be out of the small roaster's reach or too limited in supply for the large roaster.

Caribou Blend
Gently blends sweet, spicy, and berry notes into a smoothly balanced, relaxing, and down-to-earth taste.
intensity level: 6/10

Caribou Blend Decaf
A classic among classics. Perfectly balanced. Sweet with a touch of spice.
intensity level: 6/10

A smooth coffee full of sweet caramel flavors and roasted nuts.
intensity level: 5/10

Daybreak Morning Blend
The perfect pick-me-up whether it's morning or evening. Cheering and sweet, it leaves a quiet hint of fruit and nuts after each sip.
intensity level: 5/10

French Roast
This smoky, rich blend has a decadent, bittersweet flavor with a smooth, heavy body. Utter indulgence.
intensity level: 9/10

A juicy delight in the cup with tones of apricot and pipe tobacco, backed by a creamy body.
intensity level: 7/10